Green Initiatives

Clumpies has made significant changes in our kitchen this year, as we are taking steps to make a green way forward! Clumpies strives to better itself and its community. We will be updating this page regularly to show you our progress. 

  • New Terra Composting 

    Starting in 2023, we've been partnering with New Terra Composting to divert all of our unwanted food scraps that would typically go to a landfill and take years and years to disintegrate, to now being composted! Composting is the process of taking unwanted organic matter and turning it into a nutrient dense soil.

    New Terra offers a great program where we you can receive the finished compost or choose to donate it to partnered non-profits, schools, or community gardens. Our plan is to use the returned compost soil in designated gardens at Rock City! 

    As of, 4/24/23 we have already diverted 339 lbs. 

  • RightCycle Program 

    We are proud to announce that we are now a part of the RightCycle Program! This Program turns hard-to-recycle personal protective equipment (PPE), such as gloves, and turns them into pellets that are used to create consumer products such as patio furniture, flower pots and planters, and recycling bins. 

    This is a process we implemented in our kitchen in January of '23 and have more recently implemented in all 3 scoop shops and food truck! We're really excited to see how many pounds of gloves we're able to divert because as you can imagine, we go through quite a lot of gloves. 

    We've sent off 522lbs of recyclable gloves so far!